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Good day how are you doing? I’m doing good enjoying the cooler weather as best as I can here in New York. If you want to be a model New York is one of the places to start your career. However, I believe the internet is the best place to get noticed as a sexy model. The traffic is endless and you can work really anywhere in the world. The only disconcerting thing is that you have to consider is the competition. There are many beautiful, sexy, Franchy models trying to live their dream as well. Which is why I wanted to share my story as a web model. Perhaps my story can help inspire you through your journey as a web model.

I remember being a preteen and collecting Victoria Secret magazines that my mother no longer wanted. Now that I think about it I still have these magazines in boxes. These boxes of magazines meant a lot to me, they represented my dream of one day being in the box. I wanted to be beautiful and be in many sexy magazines! Looking where I’m now as a web model it is easy to understand my relationship with beautiful pictures of me floating around the internet.

As we all know the internet is vast with many things to suit whatever you fancy. For instance, you are now viewing and enjoying my beautiful site. Nonetheless, my site is not the only model site there are many others competing for your attention. Let’s face it what really gets your attention is beautiful attractive people. I spend hours getting ready to go on camera. There is just so much to prepare for. You have to look your best so you must take your time. After you look your best then you must make sure your filming area also had a nice makeover. The thing about modeling is it is all superficial, it’s all about looks.

Getting Thick For Cam

Coming from a person with low self-esteem it’s certainly not easy to be under the glare of the camera. All of you display ready to be judged by many viewers. I suspect even the most confident person can get a little nervous about being under many critical eyes. The only way to get through it is by having a very thick skin. You have to learn not to sweat the small things. Everyone is an expert and have an opinion you have to decide which one will be of good use to you.

You get what you pay for

As with everything you get what you pay for. Which basically means if you want high quality you have to pay the price. Which is no different with pictures for your portfolio. For instance, I’ve paid for a recent photo shoot at the beach and boy was it worth it. I was able to use my pictures at many different websites. I definitely got what I paid for. In future blogs, I’m certain more money will be used to create more beautiful pictures. What do you think of my pictures now leave your comment below I would love to hear your thoughts?

Any thoughts on my day and life of a web model? I hoped I painted a pretty picture of what your days can turn out, however not too pretty to hide the truth. Truth be told being a web model is not for everyone. Not everyone wants their pictures floating around the internet. Safety is always your main goal so post wisely. What goes on the internet stays there forever. Thank you for joining me here and I hope you had a pleasant visit. Come back soon, bye.


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