Franchy’s Bikini Ready

Good morning!

Hope you all are having a frantastic day wherever you are in the world. I have a confession to make guys, I haven’t worn a swimsuit in a while. That’s right I haven’t been swimming in a while. Strangely enough I always pictured myself as a beach babe always wearing a bathing suit everywhere I go.

Coincidentally there is a really nice beach community where I live call manhattan beach  it’s where I used to attend college. To me it would be a dream to live in that area as it is so beautiful and full of life. Likewise even nearer to my house there is Gerritsen Beach. Gerritsen Beach is a lot smaller nonetheless it is a beach where a beach babe like me need to be. The below pictures are of me after some weight loss to show how bikini ready that I’m. What do you think?





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