2019 My Models Perfect Imperfections

Hola Lovelies,

How are you all doing? I’m ok and hope you all are frantastic as well. I hope you all have been enjoying viewing my pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures for you all and enjoyed every moment of it. I absolutely love being a web model and switching roles from time to time and being a photographer. I love creating my perfectly imperfect life through my lenses blue eyes. I’m an attractive girl using her looks to get to where she wants to be

Where I want to be is here at my special space on the internet sharing all of me with you all. My very own safe haven where I can truly just be. I hope you feel comfortable here too and enjoy my beautiful Franchyness. At which at the forefront of my Franchyness is my modeling. Ever since I was a young adolescence I always thought being a model would be the best job in the world. I mean all the models are so beautiful and all seem to love their job.

Which is why I want to create a mini-series about all the things I love about being a web model. Additionally, I wanted to give you a glance into my Franchy web model life. It’s much more than about being beautiful and nailing the shot. Like any other business, it’s about being consistent and working hard for what you want. I’m not always picture perfect ready and ready to work. Nonetheless, that is always the perfect time to nail the picture. Stay tuned as I describe more ways that I successfully execute each photo shoot. Love you all and have a great day.



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